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Sep 5, 2014 |
Challenge,  |

Challenge Day 5

Yesterday night, the capital of Spain opened us its arms. Everyone well dressed gathered in the Ritz Madrid Lobby at 08:30 PM. We went in a typical Spanish restaurant, which was not everybody’s taste although Bassie enjoyed the starter by asking the plates from everyone. After a usual last glass of wine, Challengers went safe to their hotel.

This morning started from the best way. After receiving the traditional instructions from Challenge’s boss we left the city in less than 5 minutes. Other teams especially the S63 Coupe tried to catch us nevertheless they needed an hour to reach our level.


The road from Madrid to the lunch stop was about 420 kilometres, which obliged our pilot to adopt a high average speed. Nevertheless highway wasn’t as free as it seemed.


Indeed, Police quickly invited us to join them. Not decided to have a conversation with them, we politely declined it by taking at the last moment the exit of the highway letting the Ferrari F12 going toward its first forced stop.


To avoid another unexpected meeting we have “contourné” the highway using B-roads during 15 minutes.  Back on the planned way, several teams were cruising including the FF. Leading the group; we allowed them to escape from fines by braking and anticipation Police.


While sun were shining and less than 30 kilometres before the Lunch stop, co-pilot phone received a message. The lunch expected at the PARADOR Hotel Granada was simply cancelled. A new location located 90 kilometres from that were indicated to us.


At that precise moment, our day start radically changing. Engine was producing a non-assuring noise, power was not responding anymore. Directly pilot set on the navigation system the nearest Mercedes Service Point. Hopefully the car did the job until the necessary destination to check what was wrong.


Arrived at the entrance of the After-Sale service reception, technicians understood that a long day was waiting for them. Astonished and happy to receive the Super G in their garage everyone circled the car to apprehend it.


The friendly team del V.V Motors Mercedes-Benz Granada quickly understood the emergency of the situation and hooked our Super G to implement the right diagnosis.


After having considering the all aspects, Rafa, trained by Mercedes Germany and speaking perfectly the Goethe language fixed the car. Within this time Safety Car team and us were constantly informed and followed directly in the workshop.


In that moment, we felt that Mercedes was much more than a simple car constructor but a real family.


After a warm goodbye to the team, Super G was ready to come back on the game. Surprisingly first 60 kilometres went well. Nevertheless our enjoyment last short. Engine problems were back again. Other drivers where warning us about fumes going from exhausts. Suddenly, while gearshift was changing down, a one meter flame came out. An emergency stop at gas station was needed to find a solution.  Once arrived at 10 PM at the Repsol station the conclusion was evident, our Brabus Super G couldn’t continue its way to Morocco.


Team masters of speed was obviously disappointed and sad to quit the great adventure that is Challenge this way nevertheless technical had been this time stronger than the extreme motivation of the pilot. Thanks to the great support of the Safety car team we finally managed to reach the Kempinski at 11 PM.


We would like to thank you sincerely for following us. It is not a farewell but only a goodbye; Super G has not finished to write its own story around the world.


Team Masters of speed.