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We're on a Mission for Good

Rote Sau reloaded:‭ S‬uperlative bringt ein AMG GT R schon ab Werk genug mit...

Kein Promo-Trick, sondern Tatsache: die beiden Formel 1 Stars David Coulthard und Jean Alesi starten beim Gumball 3000 in einem Mercedes AMG C63 Coupé Black Series in Laureus „Drive for Good“-Farben.


Nico Rosberg Drive`s TMOS AMG SLS GT3R Laureus Edition by Stars & Cars in Stuttgart Dec. 12
Yesterday night, the capital of Spain opened us its arms. Everyone well dressed gathered in the Ritz Madrid Lobby at 08:30 PM. We went in a typical Spanish restaurant, which was not everybody’s taste although Bassie enjoyed the starter by asking the plates from everyone. After a usual last glass of wine, Challengers went safe to their hotel.
A new day has come, after a confortable sleep; we opened our shutters and admired the 180-degree view on the Atlantic Ocean. Perfectly refreshed we were ready to start our day and joining the Challengers at the sublime Restaurant Villa Eugenie to appreciate the breakfast buffet.
After a welcoming drink in the lobby, the CHALLENGE boss gathered all the joyful challengers for the diner. The group, looking like primary school group than adults came by foot to the trendy LA CANTINE DU FAUBOURG.
It feels great to be back with the blog as another year of The Challenge starts. This is a private rally that is way more under the radar compare to Gumball, almost invisible until we pass you. We do not know the route except that it starts from Rotterdam and the finish line is in Marrakech, Morocco. This will for sure be an adventure!
"Thanks to the guys at Team Masters of Speed, this year for the Goodwood Festival of Speed I was given the keys to quite possibly the most aggressive vehicle at the Festival, a Brabus Super G700 6x6, a vehicle based on the insane Mercedes G 63 AMG 6x6.
'At the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed I was privileged enough to be given the opportunity of taking the stunning Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 'S' up the world famous 1.16 mile Hillclimb.

Hi everybody,

This was the first day the teams didn’t have to get up early in the morning. As we all know the Gumball 3000 isn’t a race, and the only reason that people speed up their cars is because they simply want to get a few more hours of sleep. Team one decided to depart around noon.

Dear friends,

In the morning we started in Paris around nine AM. As expected all Gumballers were ready to face the daily Parisian traffic. Indeed, It has been a big challenge to get out from the Parisian "Peripherique". Team one was very fortuned to have their Parisian Gumball trainee in the car who could pilot us easily and smooth via the best alternative route out of Paris. 

Dear followers,

After a short night of sleep, yet again, we were on time at our cars, ready to drive to the Top Gear race track. The car parked next to us, a Bentley from team Batsafe, asked team 1 if they could follow them out of London.

Hi everybody,

We are very sorry for this extreme late update on our Gumball 3000 tour to Ibiza. As you all know we had to take a flight from NY City to Scotland, so because of the time difference, the flight, our off-day in NY City and the late arrivals, we skipped two days.

Dear friends,


This morning was an early start. We arrived at our cars a 8 o clock in the morning, because of the long drive from Atlanta to New York, via Charlotte.

Hi dear followers,

So, yesterday was our first actual driving day. We started driving after a nice drivers briefing by Maximillion Cooper, followed by a speech of a Sheriff, telling us to take the speed limits in mind etc.

Good morning Gumball friends!!

After a good break at the Braekers hotel and a excellent breakfast teams 1 & 2 hit the road to Miami Beach Florida.

Dear friends,

This is the first update from our journey to Ibiza.

Departing AMS to MIA via FRA with Lufthansa, we had an excellent flight with great onboard service.

Arrived in Miami, including our Gumball 3000 cargo, the 400 BRABUS Gumball caps!